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How long do you spend revising a day?

i was just wondering how long people revise for in a day? i usually do around 2 hours.

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6 hours trying to revise, and about 30 minutes actual revision
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People revise every day?
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Ranges from 5-7 hours. :biggrin:
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I set targets. Not hours :smile:

This sums it up very well
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Used to do maybe 4-5 hours a day, but its been getting a bit difficult to concentrate lately, so only an hour or two if lucky. :frown:
Depends on how close the exam is/how much I set myself to revise. Can be anything from a 1-4 hours, but any more than that and I feel Im not actually retaining any information, so it's a waste of time. But that's just me, everyone is different when it comes to revising. :P
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I try and do at least 2 past papers a day (for different subjects) and go over notes in areas I struggle with, as for how long has lately been around 2-3 hours :colondollar: It used to be longer but I'm on a motivation flop at the moment :frown:
On average about 2hrs a day. I'm not very consistent though, some days like today only 1hr, and then some days like yesterday I will do 4 hrs
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During the school week (i.e. about a few weeks before an exam season) I try and do 1-2 hours of revision (depending on what time I finish school), whereas on the weekend I'll do about 3-4 hours. During this half-term, I'm trying to do an hour of each subject (2 hours for two History exams, 2 hours for two Maths exams and 1 hour for one Chemistry resit), so hopefully around 4-5 hours a day :smartass:
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Why revise? Exams are so goddam easy
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about 3 minutes reading the book
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about 3 minutes reading the book

Thats way too much
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Okay I'm either the only person not lying or my results are going to be terrible... 4 hours?! I dont spend that long the day before the exam! An hour a day is more than enough if it's successful
Maybe about 2 hours on a school day and 5 on a weekend if I'm not at work! :smile:

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​9 hours

9 hours every day?? Wow ur life must be fun.

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I'm doing a booklet a day at the moment but i know i should be doing more because i have got my first A2 exam on the 3'rd June. Been re-playing Fallout New Vegas though.
Day before exam - 6-8 hours

(Guaranteed A/A* if you have good coursework) - GCSEs, that is :P
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I sit with open books and past papers for about 10 hours a day.

... But I do about 1/2 hours a day. I get so easily distracted.
2-6 hours

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