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Post your GCSE grades if you got into Oxbridge

Hi, i have been seeing many students (including myself) pondering whether or not my GCSE grades are adequate enough for me to get into Oxbridge.

This thread has been started so everyone that has been chosen to go to Oxbridge to post their GCSE + AS +A2 results here so that we can see the range of grades that successful applicants have. And if you really want to, post which type of school you went to (State, Grammar or Private)

many thanx in advance


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If this goes anyway to stop the proliferation of 'are my gcses good enough' posts then i guess i'll start.
GCSE: 6A*s 3As
bracket means prediction
GCSE - 4A*, 5A, 1B
ALevel - AAA
School - Independent, mixed, non selective
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Gcse: 4A*, 2A, 2A
School - educated at home til after GCSEs, then went to a state school for A levels.
GCSEs: 1 A*, 5.5 As, 3 Bs (A* in French, Bs in maths, food technology and media studies)
ASs: AABB (As in sociology 300 and French 290, Bs in English lit 237 and history 220) now AAAB (history 266) after resits
A2s: predicted AAAA plus AEA French
School: average mixed state comprehensive
Offer: MML at Sidney Sussex, Cambridge
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Meh, I'm sure it's fairly comprehensively covered already but if it helps...

GCSEs: 10 A*, As (short course IT)
Didn't do any AEAs as they'd only just been invented and weren't very widespread.
School: independent, mixed, non-selective.
GCSEs: 9A*s, 1A (History)
AS: 4As (French, Spanish, History, English Lang. and Lit.) 1 B (C.Thinking as a private candidate.)
A2: Predicted AAA + Critical Thinking
School: Private
Offer: MML, Cambridge
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A* 8
5 A
1 B

AS- level

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GCSE's - 4 A*'s 5 A's

AS's - AABB (AAAB after re-sits - from 52/100 to 100/100 - stupid politics examiners!!)

A2's - predicted AAA

Firm - Classical Archaeology and Ancient History, Univ, Oxford
Insurance - Archaeology, Classics and Classical Art - UCL
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Well, I admittedly wasted my youth

GCSE: 11 A*s, 1 A (screw you chemistry)
Offer: AA

Mixed state comp, but a fairly old, middle class and well-resourced one...
GCSEs: 7A*s 1A (my school only allowed us to do that many.. makes me feel quite stupid but then I was never going to get an A* in Maths)
AS levels: 5As (but very low UMS -- 242-249 - apart from General Studies)
I'm probably not going to get 3As to meet my offer, but hey.
I got to a big generic college and my Secondary school was also comprehensive (5 A*-Cs 35%).
GCSE: 5A*, 6A, 1B
AS Level: ABBCC (ABBCB after resit)
A2 Level: Predicted AAAA
School: Comprehensive

Firm: PPE, Corpus Christi, Oxford (AAA)
Insurance: PPE, York (AAB)

At the moment, I am bricking it. :frown:
GCSE; 4A* 5A
AS; aaab (Maths, Further Maths, Physics, Chemistry)
School; Rather posh Sixth form college, London.
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GCSE: 2 A*, 7 A, 1 B, 1 C
AS: 5 A
A2: predicted AAA + advanced extension award
School: good (but not great) grammar. single sex at gcse, mixed after that.
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10 A*s, 1 A (and when I say that, everyone always asks what the A was in. It was in French, by the way, and I was lucky to get that)

4As at AS
GCSE: 4A*s 3As 3Bs (yes I got Bs, shock horror :p: )
AS: AAAA in History, English Lit., German, Govt & Politics
A2: Predicted AAAA, which is my Oxford offer
GCSE : 6A*, 3A, B
AS Level : AAAA
A Level : AAAA
School : Bog standard secondary school with a 6th form attatched
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GCSEs: 9A*s, 1A (Additional Maths)
A2: AAAAA + AEA Merit, English
School: International
GCSE: 9A* 1A
AS: AAABB (98, 88, 82, 78, 78)
A-Level: AAAA (98, 90, 88, 82)
School: Mixed comprehensive

If it's of any reassurance, I got an offer with AABB declared at AS-Level (the other A was taken later), and few extracurrics.
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I don't really think this is a particularly useful exercise - I definitely wouldn't be put off by other people's grades or alternatively feel superior because you're "better than average". Grades play only a little role in your acceptance/rejection (except for after the offer has been made!) and it's not worth attaching too much importance to them.

All the same, here goes:
GCSE 11 A*
School - Independent but not *particularly* academic school