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Carnatic halls

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Can somebody tell us what the rooms mean then?

I'm A220? What's all the numbers?:s-smilie:
Students in Lecture Theatre, University of Liverpool
University of Liverpool
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I think that letter is the block you're in, the first number is the floor you're on in that block and the other two numbers are the room number on that floor......not entirely sure though so please correct me if I'm wrong!! :smile:
^ Correct - So A block, 2nd floor, room 20.
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Hey - Lukeitfc - I'm in Rankin too - A215 - I wanted S/C too, but they gave me catered! I'll be studying Medicine!
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You're quite close to me then.:smile:

Perhaps in the flat next to me.
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its not flats its floors, in a square shape. do about 22 rooms on one floor. you'll be five doors apart! have fun!
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im in rankin in B201! are the blocks seperate from each other then?
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nope they are all connected by corridors/stairs, everythings right together, and B is pretty much in the middle
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ahhh ive just been told im moving into lady mountford (despite applying ages ago for greenbank but never mind lol) and every1 is saying it horrible....please say its not that bad!!!

Sorry to scare you, but a mate who stayed there years back, reckons it was earmarked for demolition, even then.
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hey...going to morton far away is morton from the city centre and the university of liverpool?????
if youre staying in dale and have facebook join this group:
I'm moving into Lady Mountford too. The fact no one here seems to like it is a little worrying!
Ah well, it's the people that make the halls, not the skanky room conditions. :P
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lady montford is fine! its all in seperate blocks and i THINK its about 12ish ppl to a floor, or in ur little area neway. all of the ones i went in were rennovated and were much newer than mcnair,rankin, sailsbury etc, so dont worry! seriousl though the state of the halls really doesnt matter! once u settle in and start makin friends it wont bother you at all! but yeh, lady montford was nice so dont worry!

morton is basically the same as lady montford and its on the carnatic site so its about 15/20min bus ride into uni then you want into town which is about 5 mins straight down either brownlow hill or mount pleasant :biggrin:

hope that helps
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Original post by JayB124
O btw the way, only A corridor has proper cooking facilities. Dale was notorius in Carnatic for their lack of cooking facilities - only a microwave and kettle.

Hey dude, I know this thread is pretty old, but I was wondering what you meant by this?

Does only the A Block have proper cooking facilities?
And do all halls have shower?


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