need to know if i can do a drama degree without A level drama

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Really need help, the college i'm about to go to isn't doing drama or theatre studies and i would really love to become a drama teacher. Do i need it to do a drama degree?? Help Please
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Having an A-level in drama is the best way forward in achieving a drama degree but it isn't the only way.

Firstly, are you doing any other 'arty' subjects? Some universities state they will accept drama/theatre etc and *any other relevant art subjects* Check with them and explain your situation and see if they will still accept you on the course. Even the applied drama course at Central School of acting doesn't specifically require theatre studies.

If you can't study drama, go out and make it. Join an acting class, local Amatuer theatre group, film group, etc. Show your dedication for the subject, doing drama outside of a classroom will broaden your experience and may help you see the variety of applications that Drama has in the real world. Maybe volunteer at an after school drama club and get a taster of what teaching drama could be like?

Plus it will look very good on a personal statement.

You say you want to teach drama, look at universities that offer education studies as a major and drama as a minor subject so the fact you don't have a performance art based a-level won't matter as much.

The fact you can't study drama at a-level won't completely stop you from studying it at degree level, you still have options open to you.
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Call your possible unis and ask - they want as many people applying as possible so they'll probably try to answer the best they can! X

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