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i have just decided to apply for uni to do 3d design, as u can tell this is vvv last minute but i droped out of my B-tech @ christmas partly due to illness and partly due felling like i just couldnt cope with all the catching up i would have 2 do.
i have been trying to write my personal statement for the past week now (it has to be sent off monday night/first thing tuesday so i can catch the deadline) i havnt had much look so far but i was wondering if n e 1 can give me some advice as to whether i should mension that i droped out and why ? or if i should comment on why i am applying so l8t?

also i dont have n e were near the amount of UCAS points i need but as i want 2 apply for an art related subject i was hoping my portfolio should get me (which i am pleased with) should i mension this also??

thanx 4 reading !!
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