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I worked at river island at Christmas
Basically u have to wear river island clothes only but they should give u an allowance depending on how many days u work
Your not allowed to wear heels because
of health and safety
Leggings and shoes don't have to be from river island but everything else like jumpers and jeans have to be from river island

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Hi guys,

im starting work at river island this week. i was just wondering are there any restrictions on what to wear?

im wearing a top and skinny jeans (obv river island) but i wanted to wear a pair of court heels, they are only 2" high but do you think it will be appropriate?


Hey I'm a permanent staff member at River Island Oxford Street. The only things you can't wear are belly/crop tops, small shorts without leggings or tights and out of season River Island clothes, so make sure the things you wear are available to buy on the shop floor :smile: you can pretty much wear any sort of shoe, but at your own risk. Basically if you fall down the stairs you can't sue :tongue:

Anything else message me :smile: xx

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Do you know what kind of question would be asked at a Recruitment Events at river island and is this event only about answering question or is there more to it ,if so can you please explain .
I have an interview at RI in 2 weeks and don't have a clue what to wear as it has to 'represent their brand'. Any advice please?
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hi abbalarr93,
I had mine the other day and Id advise you wear something of theirs that's in trend and have think on why you chose to wear it because they will ask you. I wore a green tartan dress because tartan is in at the but it also ties in with it be punk and grunge which also high trends .took a navy granddad cardi and leather jacket because a leather jacket is a staple piece in my opinion . It seemed to go down well and a pair of buckled brogue's. Hope it goes well and hope that helped :tongue: x
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hi, i have an intereview tomorrow at river island,is there anything i need to know before going?
HI, are you allowed to wear modest clothing such as long dresses? If not, do you know of any shops that allow you to wear such clothes?