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As bad as people say?

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jus readin this thread and thought i would add to it. ive been to a number of main city's across uk thru wrk, i've been 2 in last yr glasgow, coventry, wolverhampton, leeds, bradford, birmingham, bristol plus some smaller places in areas which can be trouble. also i'm from runcorn, which is on the outskirts of liverpool, and in between manchester and liverpool. so having wrked in nottingham on 3 occassions for 2wks at a time, i didnt really see that much from what i see newhere else, it has its rough areas, but bet it has its good 1's too, and has gr8 city centre. i stayed in hotel in centre twice, then had to stay in place called radford which was rough place but not as bad as some places seen. the roughest place ive stayed is glasgow by a country mile, espec if ya english ha, but stil managed to get bout and do things safely.
basically unless your unlucky or ont act like a stupid idiot you should be ok, cos most of this violence is usually gang related in these cities
Students on campus, Nottingham University
University of Nottingham
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i live here. i used to live in one of the 'bad' places, radford.

i love it. i feel safe.

the violence happens in only a couple of places, you've prolly heard the names mentioned before. yes, there's some tits on a weekend, but if you've got anything about you, you'll be perfectly safe.
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You know I honestly was a little worried when I heard all the stories about nottingham mainly because before I had applied Id never really visited. But ive looked at the statistics and actually leeds is just as bad, but has double the population and double the amount of crimes that it just about equals out statistically, and I go to leeds all the time and into the rough areas and never thought any different of it and have never felt threatened. I just was worried about nottingham because I didnt know it at all and heard all these horror stories. Looking at things now, its totally blown out of proportion and its just the same as any other city in those respects. Now I'm just looking forward to a great 3 years!
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ive lived in nottingham most of my life and ive never had any problems, yeah there are the bad places, radford,st annes etc, but just avoid them, all places have bad areas! walking round the city centre during the day and the night is usually alright,maybe some drunken fights! lol manchster has worse crime rates than nottingham.
Been in Nottingham for a year, and never had any troubles in the halls, on nights out or anytime else for that matter. To be honest, everyone makes it out to be 'bad' because the media only report when something tragic happens there. Like with anywhere, if you have your wits and common sense about you, you'll be fine. Don't go on a night out/walk home alone, don't flash valuables... etc etc, you'll be fine!
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It sounds pretty much like common sense that.
I've talked to a bunch of ppl and tey say notts is just fine and i should avoid liverpool. I reckon its all to do with personal experience and how easily you feel threatened. I don't take as much notice of "dangerous" areas as i should so thats the one thing i'll have to get used to-along with not walking round alone at night.
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In the 3 years you're there you'll see crime, but just so long as you're careful and don't do anything stupid you'll be fine.

I lived on Kimbolton avenue last year which was dubbed by the News of the World "The most burgled street in Britain", but we didn't get broken into. Although, we got back from a party one night to find a house on the road was being staked out by a swat team with guns and stuff.....these things are just funny :smile:

Nottingham is amazing, as is the Uni (the poly sucks), don't be put off it by a few stabbings.
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Nottingham is amazing, as is the Uni (the poly sucks), don't be put off it by a few stabbings.

Just thought Id point out that topic starter is actually going to the Trent. Not uni. Thanks for continuing the elitism :rolleyes:.
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no problems, sorry for once again stating the obvious :rolleyes:
No need to panic chaps and chapesses, it's all common sense. Just remember that University Park doesn't have some sort of magical force field around it, protecting you from the outside world, like Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardy. There are a lot of complete low-life, cumbags out there, and some of them target students as easy victims.

Some pointers: Lock your doors and windows whenever you leave your room. Don't leave stereos and laptops on display in your room. Make sure your bike is locked securely and keep it indoors if possible. Don't carry large sums of cash or expensive phones on you at night and don't wander around at night alone. And don't hang around in the city until the wee hours on a Friday or Saturday night.

If you're sensible and stay out of trouble you'll be fine.
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well, i feel quite fine here so far as I v only live near ntu for one term, but i v been told there r some nuts in some areas.
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I've never been a victim of any crime in Nottingham, and I quite often walk from Victoria Centre to West Bridgford via The Meadows at night, and people claim The Meadows is pretty rough. You see some gangs of youths hanging about, giving you the stares though. I just keep my head up, eyes forward, and don't look for trouble. You'll probably be a target for petty crime as in most places, but Nottingham is no rougher than any major city, in my opinion, unless you're into gang violence.

The odd innocent victim will turn up, but that's life and it's tough.
i havent lived there, but ive been visiting almost every month for over a year and a half and ive never heard of any actual crimes, and my best mate has lived in clifton all his life and has never encountered anything.

its like any city, with good parts and bad parts, just like london has bad places and good places. you cant tar the whole city with the same brush :smile: I personally love the city, and as long as you take care of yourself you wont get into any trouble. Just because the statistics say x-amount of muggings happened this year, they cant see into the future and say how many will happen next year...there might be no shootings whatsoever next year (i doubt it, but you know what i mean)
i was wounded in a gang fight between the physics department
and the english department.

fortunatly i managed to retreat to the safety of the Economics
In general, Nottingham cant be rougher than Manchester.. or can it?
where are the rougher places in nottingham where most shooting incidents concentrate like Moss side in Manchester?
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University Park.

you must be joking?!