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I'm currently in Y11 at school, due to sit my GCSE's in a few months. I'm seriously considering becoming a pilot and would appreciate it if any1 could give me any pointers as to what i should do next.
My e-mail address is [email protected]
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Depends whether you want to be an RAF Pilot, or a commercial Pilot.

For the Air Force, you should aim to do well at your GCSEs, then go on to 6th Form. Apply for 6th Form Sponsorship, go to Officer & Aircrew selection at Cranwell, and if you're lucky, they might sponsor you to go to uni!

For Commercial Pilot, you either (a) need £40,000 to pay for the training, or you (b) need to be one of the lucky 2 or 3 a year who get sponsored by Airlines (* I'd stick with (a)!! )
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The lucky ones? Have you seen the type rating schemes some airlines are offerring? Hardly lucky to be sponsored now; you end up oweing them a ridiculous amount and they can bin you as soon as you start earning in order to take in another inexperienced recruit; get them to pay for the majority of training; then bin them etc etc...
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