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Hi, I'm going to cranwell on 28th March (not long now), my original choice was Pilot but i received a letter saying i can only be considered for ground branches as I had wheezing symptoms when younger (i haven't had any symptoms since age 11, i'm now 22), I have never been diagnosed with asthma but they still rejected me. Anyway i added intelligence officer to my application form but that was only a couple of days ago so i have less than a week to learn about the training etc. Does anyone know if the interview will be of a similar format to the one i would have had if i was going for Pilot (ie are all interviews basically about yourself and about RAF roles/aircraft etc....)

And also does anyone know about the scenario with asthma/wheeze because i thought I would have been ok since wheeze is not as serious as asthma?
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The interview will be exactly the same, barring any small differences thanks to a different interviewer!

As far as asthma goes, you've been symptom free for long enough to be ground branch, but quite frankly the RAF can afford to be picky with so many genuinely high quality applicants for every space. Why pick somone who's wheezed when young when you can pick someone just as good who hasn't? If you've never flown a high performance jet, then you can be sure you wouldn't suffer a relapse when under high G, breathing pressurised O2 through a mask, feeling claustrophobic in a G suit, immersion suit etc... unfortunately, it's the way it's run.

Sorry, but as long as you're 11 years clear as you are, you can join as int.
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