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2 girls mid twenties looking for Beach Party Holiday reccomendations!!

Hey guys!
So me and my friend want to go on holiday to somewhere we can chill on a beach but where there's also cool night life etc.
Ideally we'd be in Jamaica at a sexy beach party sipping rum out of a pineapple, dancing to some boss tunes, soaking in the sun etc. you get the picture!! But Jamaica is wayyy outta budget, haha, so we need something close to that but in Europe!
We want to party but don't want to be stuck with school leavers vomiting on each other, we're a bit hippy at heart so we want something a bit more bohemian.
Have you guys got any recommendations of places to go? :biggrin:

I just got back from Albufeira in Portugal, it was lovely :smile: It's an ideal place really, because during the day there are some lovely beaches (especially in old town) and loads to do if you fancy a day away from the beach. We did a jeep safari, went to a water park, a boat trip, and something similar to go ape.
Then at night there's definitely a night life! 'The strip' as it's known is full of bars etc, and when we went one of them gave us FREE drinks all night! I'd say it escapes the usual crowd of over excited 18 year olds who just left school, and there's a good mix of people on a night out, ranging from 'lads on tour' to people just after a good dance and a few drinks! But at the same time if you did want to be wild there are a few organised bar crawls about and a boat party every saturday.

I went with just 1 friend, she was 22 and I'm 19 :smile:
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