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Hi Guys......

I have an interview next week at my local hospital for bank HCA.
I have prepared some possible interview questions and answers. If anyone can help me or advise on how i can build on my answers that would be great! also any advice on your own interview experiences would be a great help! I really would like to get this job. I am so nervous!

Why do you want to be an Auxiliary Nurse?

I have a passion for people and the care, welfare, holistic needs and general well-being of people suffering ill health and would like to care for people according to individual needs and care preferences. Overall maximise the quality of a person’s life in a hospital care setting and put the needs of patients at the heart of everything I do.

What do you think the job entails?

I understand this role entails working in a high pressured environment and assisting nurses/doctors in looking after patients with a range of illnesses and giving direct patient care such as bathing, dressing, toileting, mobilising, feeding, making beds and maintaining the comfort of patients.

How could you improve your learning in becoming an Auxiliary Nurse? – Bank

I will take ownership of my own learning by completing any mandatory training within the given timescale and will also commit to any other training opportunities on offer to further my skills throughout my career in the NHS with great enthusiasm.

Tell us about infection control

Infection can be controlled by using the correct hand washing method before and after contact with patient’s as well as using hand gel and good use of personal protective equipment such as gloves, apron, masks and clean uniform and by correctly disposing of food/soiled waste in colour coded bins provided.

How can you promote Equality and Diversity?

We live in a diverse society and it’s about everybody having the same right to fulfil their potential and to be happy, they have the right to be treated with dignity, respect and as individuals regardless of age, gender, religious beliefs and ethnic origin ect…I can promote equality and diversity by taking on board dietary requests and making sure that there are Halal meals available if a Muslim patient comes on to the ward to cater for their needs and will also be mindful of some faiths wanting to take care of their family member themselves if they pass away.

How can you promote/maintain patient confidentiality?

Confidentiality can be maintained by keeping patients information locked away in a safe place out of reach of unauthorised people, and by logging of a computer when finished. I understand patient information is to only be shared with the patient and care staff on a need to know basis only. The only time I would breach this is if a patient told me they wanted to harm themselves I would document it and tell a nurse in charge strait away.

What do you think makes good teamwork in the NHS?

Good planning and organisation and communication during handovers and by everybody working together as a unit to achieve better patient outcomes.

How is good communication vital for teamwork?

Good communication is essential to inform other nurses about the condition of a patient for better patient outcomes. I understand it’s a legal requirement to document all changes to a patient’s condition however big or small. For example…. If a patient complains of a stomach ache document it as it could be a crucial piece of evidence I court later on. If it’s not documented it didn’t happen!

How can you promote dignity?

I can promote dignity by asking a patients permission before handling them and by knocking doors before entering and closing curtains. If a patient has a visitor ask the patient if they would like to see them, don’t automatically assume they would.

What do you think the term person centred care means?

This is about patients having a say in their care by finding out their care preferences and giving them choices for example…. What they would like to eat today? Would they like a shower today? Patients have a right to say no in their care. It’s about promoting independence and focusing on someone’s abilities rather than what they can’t do so they feel worthy of themselves and to encourage interests…..for example spiritual needs - give privacy to pray.

If I have missed anything please feel free to let me know!
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What do you think the term person centred care means?
Treating each patient/client as an individual.

If I have missed anything please feel free to let me know! [/QUOTE]
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To me it looks like you're all prepared! The most important thing is that you're committed and care deeply about the job, and the amount of research you've done and your answers clearly show that you'll be a hard working and committed hca

Best of luck! I work agency in nursing and care homes, and it was literally application form/references/dbs/training/start.

Hope you get the job!

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