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Riverz End
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(Original post by happysunshine)
How do you mean long hair? Down to your shoulders? Past your shoulders?
Yes, I did generally mean about shoulder length, although any hair length longer than the norm [under two inches I guess] could be considered at least 'longish'.

As for the longhair/gay debate - although I do know a gay man who has long hair, it is generally considered unfashionable among the gay community. Ask yourself; why would a gay man want to have long hair? Think about it in the context of social gender roles.
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(Original post by Riverz End)
Well it's pretty slow tonight, so though I might as well post a poll...

It's quite simple, really - what do you think about guys with long hair? I though it might be quite interesting to find out what people generally feel about 'longhairs', as I am male and am growing my hair out at the moment.

I've tried to make the poll so that both sexes can answer it, so it might seem a little odd.
Depends on the guy, I have dated afew guys w/ long hair that looked good w/ it. I have also seen afew at the bar that definately need a hair cut.
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