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Feel like I can't rely/trust anyone watch

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    Been feeling like this for a very long time now and I can't remember how it started but I am constantly feeling like I can't rely or trust anyone anymore even for basic things like meeting up.

    Whenever people talk to me even if they are the ones to initiate the conversation I am always thinking that they don't want to talk to me and I try to find the quickest route out of the conversation.

    Even with friends I will think things in my head that don't really make sense but at the time and within my own head they do. I'm 23 and have had quite a bizarre life, I was overweight as a kid and picked on, at college I was very shy and introvert but still had my group of friends. In my second college (I failed the first) I decided to lose the weight and got myself down from 19 to 12 which helped but less then I thought it would. My mind is still constantly racing whenever I'm walking down the streets thinking people are looking in a negative way even though girls/girlfriends/women in general have stated "You're hot, I'm surprised a girl hasn't grabbed you sooner"

    Overall I'm not asking for help with that sort of thing. I don't consider myself to be hot but I don't consider myself to be ugly and I understand that every girl has different taste. However I am asking for help with my own mind.

    For example, today a friend of my rang me confirming that I was indeed coming to hers for pre-drinks and also coming out. I told her sure. She asked if I'd had dinner as she was making dinner for some friends in an hour. I said sure. 2 hours went by, I rang her. No answer. 20 minutes later I text her saying something like "Hey, you still cooking tonight? if not I'll cook for myself and such then pop up for predrinks. Anyway let me know" its been another 2 hours and I have no idea what to do, even after I sent the text my mind was racing thinking so many different things.

    Does she want me there.
    why hasn't she responded
    is she okay
    if so then this is just rude
    **** her
    nah she's nice really
    you're a loner noone wants you there.
    Don't even bother going out.
    Whats the point in even bothering.

    the list continues.

    This is with a girl who 100% KNOWS I see her as a friend and vice versa. Think what happens to my brain when im around a girl I like. It physically hurts sometimes.

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    You should see a doctor, it sounds like you might have an anxiety disorder.

    It's normal to doubt yourself at times, and to question other people's motives on occasion; this is normal and it helps you to get by. However, when these thoughts become obsessive, you then need to start addressing that medically/psychologically etc
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    [QUOTE=Anonymous;43553180]However I am asking for help with my own mind.

    Nobody can control your mind but you . It seems like outside situations are causing you a lot of anxiety but if you change your perceptions of what's going on you can manage your reactions.

    'even after I sent the text my mind was racing thinking so many different things.'

    You need to stay calm. Meditate. And work on your self-esteem, even though you've lost the weight you're still insecure. Work on your self-worth don't be so bothered of what others think.

    You say you can't rely/trust anyone but at the moment you can't even trust your own mind when it comes to dealing with others.
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