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    I have had this cough for about 3 weeks, I'd booked an appointment at the doctors to get it checked out, but decided it had got reasonable better and wasn't any need to bother the doctors about.

    My mum thinks I should have kept the appointment, but I had other issues on at the same time and my cough and visiting the doctors was the least of my worries..

    anyway, my cough has cleared up well in the day time, but I still have quite bad coughing fits at night, (last night was probably the first night I've not woken up with a coughing fit.)

    however, I have regular singing lessons and sing quite a lot around the house (practicing etc) I haven't been have lessons lately as I've not been able to get any with my friend/teacher but she said I can have load over the summer holidays. Yey, (first one I believe to be next Monday)
    but when I start singing, I'm hit with coughing fits, which I can't seem to shift until I stop singing cough it out. And then just not sing. :unimpressed::sad:
    which won't be good for Mondays lessons. *sigh*

    when I was younger I had asthma but as I grew older I grew out of it, and occasionally it comes back. Could Thisbe my asthma returning once more?
    last time I felt asthmatic- couldn't breath etc, tight chest, I went to the doctors and I felt like they didn't want to know. I mentioned how I think it's my asthma coming back and they were like "it might just be a chest infection, but what we'll do is I'll give you an inhaler to take 4 times a day for two weeks if it doesn't clear up and you feel like it is asthma come back and we'll get you to see an asthma nurse."
    Hmm last time I check an inhaler helps with asthma so if it is asthma wouldn't it have an effect on my symptoms and would I not feel better for taking it??

    I should also point out I have a massive phobia of needles/injections, and I don't want to go I guess incase they say they want to take tests and do blood-tests etc...scream-horror!

    I want to sort my cough out but I'm scared of what the outcome might be...

    Any advice, support, suggestions would be a great help..

    Thank you.
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