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Could i have some help on this please watch

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    Hi everyone
    im kinda new on here but im hoping i can get some help, also meete some people who are going throighnsome of the stuff i am.
    Ok so heres my situation:
    Im a 14 year old girl.I have had bad anxiety I think my whole life.
    i have very severe OCD and have had OCD for 4 years now.
    i have panic attacks because if the anxiety caused by the OCD.
    i have have paranoid thoughts everyday, throughout the day, and I have to ask reassurance it's the only way make them go away
    i have delusions, again this is linked to anxiety OCD and also paranoia. I think that the thoughts are true have done for about a month.
    i hear my OCD in my head forcing me to do things, and threatening if I don't do it then the bad image will stay in head.
    Sometimes it tells me to keep repeating stuff, and I end up repeating it for ages, longest time was when I were trying to get to sleep but it told me I had to keep moving stuff around that was until 3 in the morning.
    im just about 90 controlled, and the OCD could strike at any time, or if I want to eat somehting I can't eat it, I will worry some one has deliberately put something in it, or something. I can't even wear some clothes because Im worried about someone putting something on it and can't use a lot of my things.
    ive gone a some days having to starve myself, I'm already underweight, I'm quite worried about my weight, but more worried about the OCD and paranoia.
    camhs have ditched me and refuse to even give me any more treatment, they think I'm making things up.
    i really feel like I need to be on a mental hospital because I go mad sometimes not on the outside, in the inside, I go mad, but coz its not on outside everyone thinks I'm making it sound worse than its.
    i don't feel confortale living this life.
    my mum sometimes gives me reassurance when she's happy but sometimes not, and she emotionally hurts me, saying I'm making it up when she's lived with me with this problem and actually seen with her own eyes how bad it's making
    i feel spooked and like there's OCD following me wherever I am.
    i can't tell the difference between what is an OCD thought n what's actually the truth

    Search for the mental health support society on this thread, or go on my last posted and it will be in there. Its a really supportive bunch of people who all have different mental health issues, and theres also someone to talk to i cant send a link just yet as im on my phone, but give it a search

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    The Mental Health Support Society can be found here - that's the first page, with the message the mods like you to read before posting, but after that just skip to the last page and introduce yourself if you'd like to join us. We're friendly and, as has been pointed out on numerous occasions, very few of us bite.

    Your situation doesn't sound like fun at all :console: - are there any healthcare professionals you've seen who you think might take you more seriously? Or a teacher or someone at school?

    I can really sympathise with what you're going through - while I don't have OCD myself, I've had times when I've felt like there were all these rules in my head, like I wasn't allowed to eat, or talk to people, or answer the door. I did get better from that though, and these days I'm rarely bothered by those kinds of thoughts. I'd really urge you to continue to seek help, as there are effective treatments out there for OCD, such as various therapies and drugs (although since you're under 18 that option's less likely for now).

    With regards to hospital, I was an inpatient for a while a couple of years ago (as I was at risk of suicide), and I'd definitely see it as a last resort. While I expect you'd be put on a children's ward, which I don't know so much about, the main thing I and all the other people experienced was the total mind-numbing boredom of it. Very little to do all day, very restrictive, and very, very dull. Also I was given no therapy in there, only medication, which is fairly common I believe. I have heard of people going in for intensive treatment programs though, which if you were offered you might want to consider. I think the key thing with taking charge of a mental illness is to keep yourself informed - find out what resources are available, which ones you can make use of by yourself, and which ones you need to badger the NHS for. You can get your OCD under control, you just need the right help to progressively learn how to do it.
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