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Hi guys im currently in year 12 and plan on going into graduate entry medicine due to not being to apply for medicine straight after a-levels

so what i was wondering is:

1. what can I do now up until when I apply in 5-6 years time to start to strength my application?

2. as it stands now how much of the degree is funded and what do you have to pay? (obviously this will probably change but just looking for a small idea)

3. What is the best degree to do for graduate entry medicine? I'm currently undecided between chemistry, physics and biomedical science, they all look so interesting

thanks for your help
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1. Most importantly enjoy life - Do things that you want to do travel, have fun, read 50 shades of grey...

2. get some volunteering/work in healthcare throughout uni it earns money and looks good - Explore what you want to do - Working throughout uni is the best way to save some cash and make your cv look half decent.

3. You wont know what the funding will be in 5-6 years time no point worrying about it now... Just guestimate £alot... (at the moment Its £3.5k upfront then you get loans... But you will need some savings)

4. Do any degree you want, and one you think you will enjoy. It can be any degree at any uni to get into GEM... Chemistry is a B***h (says the girl who got a U in A level), physics you have to love well... Physics... Biomed is the norm for "medic wannabe's" - Or be crazy and do something completely different... Maybe not David Beckham and/or harry potter studies but you get the jist...

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