How do you study phy, chem, bio(AL) Plz help me out Watch

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So I really don't know how to study these three subjects effectively.
For biology, I started to make notes by myself, and next time I'm just gonna read through it when I study. I don't know if its effective or not, but I find that it's really time consuming. Am I doing it right? I'm afraid I won't have much time left for doing past papers as I don't only study biology... Should I give up this method or not?
And for chemistry, I also wanna write notes, but somehow I find that some parts of the syllabus include calculation, colors of different ions, etc. I don't think it would be effective if I just copy it again, would it? I really don't know the right way to study it, A* people please help...
Lastly, for physics, I'm planing to just do all past papers, am I gonna get A* jut by doing so?

Good grades people I could really use some help, massive thanks!

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