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Is the "Driving test success" acucurate? (in terms of theory test scores) watch

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    So i will be siting my theory very soon and have been using the Driving test success (all tests) DVD to revise for both the multi choice and hazard perception part of my theory.
    On the multiple choice questions i normally say i get around 49 or 50/50 consistently. I haven't read the highway code or done anything else but answer questions. Do you think that this score will mean i have a good chance of passing or am i likely to get lots of questions i've not come across resulting in a fail?
    On the hazard perception i do less well! I would say my score is in the high 40's or very low 50's, which is obviously not much room for error in the actual test, with the pass rate being 44. I do also get the occasional fail though, albeit this hasn't happened within the last couple of practice tests.
    Anyway i was just wondering if you've used this DVD recently (i say this because i know the test changed this year, actually is you know how it has changed could you let me know?) to pass your theory? Were your marks on the practice tests consistent with the ones your got on the DVD or is the proper theory test harder?

    Thanks in advance!

    I solely used this software when preparing for my theory test, and I passed first time. I think my scores were 49/50 for the multi-choice and 64/75 for the hazard perception. So yes it is possible to pass with this software.

    Most of the question in my actual test were very similar to the one I came across in the DVD. Infant I only came across one question that I had 100% not seen before (which I got wrong). As long as you put the hours into the DVD you'll be fine. By the time it came to my test I was scoring 49-50 on this part of the test consistently if that helps you as a bit of a reference.

    The hazard perception is a little harder to prepare for as you won't see the same clips you saw in the DVD. As a result when revising the hazard perception don't try to learn the clips, as that won't help you pass your test. Instead learn the method of how to spot potential hazards in the clips.

    If it helps, I'll attempt to explain my mental process when taking the hazard perception part of the test.

    I viewed each clip as if I were the driver of the vehicle. You may thing "Well I do this anyway." But if you truly imagine yourself being the driver and being in control of the vehicle the test becomes so much easier.

    Any thing you see that you think will cause you to CHANGE SPEED or DIRECTION should be clicked at. Look at your surrounding logically. For example, if you're approaching a crossing, are the people walking to or waiting at it? If this is the case, click.

    I also recommend double clicking with a short gap in between, as this will ensure at least one of your clicks occurs in the specified time frame to qualify for a score. Don't over do this though, it should only be done when you are certain that a potential hazard has developed.

    The driving lesson videos for the practical side of the test are also very useful when it comes to taking your practical test. However, if you have been taught something slightly differently by your instructor that is shown in the video, always used the method your instructor has shown you.

    I hope my post helps you in someway, and I wish you the best of luck for both your theory and practical tests:-)

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