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Hi Guys,

Having a bit of a dilemma. Both orthoptics and healthcare science (audiology) really interest me but i can only choose one due to the personal staement.
Would anyone who is thinking of studying either degree or who is currently or has studied either degree be able to offer some advice.
I really like that the orthoptics is NHS funded but only three universities offer the degree and i don't want to go to glasgow, so i would only be applying for two and i feel like its a big risk seeing seeing as you get to apply to five uni's at first.
With the healthcare science (audiology) it also sounds really good but don't particularly fancy paying for a degree in healthcare, but also i don't really know much about healthcare science, since they changed the audiology degree completely.
Furthermore i know you shouldnt really concentrate too much on salary, but audiology seems to offer a higher salary, i could be wrong but would somebody be able to shed some light on this in terms of being able able to climb up the job ladder

Also does anyone think i would be able to aply for both and make my personal statement balanced, or do you think this would be a bad idea.

So thats it really, any advice would be really appreciated. Thanks

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