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    Hi everyone,

    I have got offers from Imperial College London, for its 1 year old Economics and Strategy for Business Master and the Masters in Management at IE Business School Madrid.

    From my perspective, IE is the better ranked business school, has however a slight disadvantage in its location factor, as London seems to be better suited to my needs. Speaking of my needs and goals, i wish to break into strategic consulting after the master and I´m now looking for the program, that offers me the best possibilities and chances of reaching my goal.

    Comparing the courses, I find the ESB from Imperial slightly better, as it seems to be more relevant to the consulting sector + I have an undergraduate degree in Business and Management and therefore I have the fear, that the MIM at IE Business School will be to repetitive and generalistic.

    Anyway, I was hoping for some help from you guys, as both Universities seem to have their own advantatages and disadvantages, but I can not really decide which to overweight.

    So, do you think the rankings (according to FT Business School ranking, IE is number 1 in Europe and Imperial only number 13) are that precise, so that IE would be the better Uni offering me a better chance of breaking in to the consulting sector? What do you think has the better brand? Which Uni the better careers service etc? I´m really looking to find a masters, that will give me the best chances in the consulting sector? Will both universities give me interviews at the top firms? I´m speaking Bain, Mck, BCG etc.

    I would be greatful to some replies on this! Thank you very much for your help!



    Good thing that you looked closely at syllabus and fit, I like your clear career goals. My questions are:
    Do you speak Spanish? Have you researched career reports and the consulting breakdown by country and main recruiters of your target firms such as M/B/B? How many grads end up with consulting jobs? Check if firms see your programme as target uni with campus recruitment or only informal ad hoc recruitment. Check with the consulting student club and pump them for information. Does career centre offer consulting workshop such as case study interviews, problem solving, invite alumni to prep students? Both are good programmes, I would go for fit and don't be too obsessed by ranking. I know that the FT ranking is a bit iffy and academics question criterion and its value add such as (see FT methodology)
    1)purchasing power parity adjusted income which leads to boost for IE or Indian schools
    2) Also see controversial diversity factor of female student and staff ratio and
    3) employment abroad that benefits small market schools with many internationals such as Swiss BSchools
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    Ok, as the ESB course from Imperial is pretty new, there is no destination data available. When I compare both Master in Management programs, both schools have about 25% of students that are working in management consulting after they graduated. Imperial, has their own careers/recruiting page with all the big consultancies - for example:


    I could´nt find any for IE Business School. Regarding informal or adhoc recruiting, I couldnt find any info for both.

    For me it seems that Imperial is the bigger brand name, especially in England/Germany. From my perspective, Imperial also has the better network+careers events. However, I´m still very unsure if the bigger brand name is more important or the smaller, more focussed business school, that might provide me with a better and more personalised careers service?

    Also, I believe that Imperial offers the better location, as all big consultancies have big offices in London and they are all only a step stone away from Imperials campus. My spanish is not very good and I´m very sure, that I don´t want to work in Spain after my graduation. So - it seems to me that Imperial is the better fit? Or would you question my argumentation regarding the bigger brand name and its location? Do you think both courses are equally good?

    I think you answer part of your Qs. You may compare MiM at both BSchools, but not with ESB. I know people at Imperial and I heard that grads of its MiM got good jobs at MBB, Big 4 firms and other mid tier tech consultancies. I think Imperial has a good reputation in its core strength of Sciences & Tech plus industrial management. See T.I.M.E. partner network with other leading European unis (Grandes Ecoles France, ETH, RWTH). To my knowledge, Imperial hosts campus presentation to consulting firms. Some mid tier firms recruit on ad hoc small scale and the London location helps as other main strategy firms have London offices. I know that the university offers a popular consulting fair for all students.

    Imperial career office has database of smaller consulting firms and contact recruiters. It also trumps IE when it comes to interdepartmental cooperation such as financial maths, technology, entrepreneurship or healthcare management. This may translate into advantage as firms hires for their industry practice and Imperial's rep in aforementioned areas helps. Whereas IE is traditionally strong in entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship.

    In terms of brand, I think Imperial BSchool benefits from its parent uni and its reach of eng & Sciences grads. It has a stellar rep in the UK, France, Germany and Asia.

    Note if IE does not have many campus recruitment of your target firms, you may have uphill battle at knocking doors and travel to interviews outside Spain. Where are you from?
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    I´m from Germany - therefore I would prefer working in the UK rather than in Spain. And for that, I believe that Imperial would provide me with the better platform. However, I know competition (espacially in strategic consulting) is fearce! So how would you compare Imperial to other London Unis (LSE, LBS, City)? I also got an offer from LSE for its Master in Management, but I don´t want to study for 2 more years. I really want to get cracking and start working!

    So to sum up - Imperial should be the best option for my situation. Also, I really enjoy the TMT sector, where Imperial is a very big brand and I know of some very good consultancies (Solon) that are setting a special focus on that sector.

    Thank you very much for your help!

    I know that there are German students at Imperial and at least 3 German profs at BSchool. What is the reputation of Imperial and IE in Germany? Someone told me that IESE is target/partner uni for Roland Berger, IE doesn't ring a bell.

    You can't compare entire unis for all postgrad courses, more likely individual programmes. For management: LBS>LSE=Imperial depending on subject>> City
    Recruiters go to Imperial and Oxbridge for best Quants, hope you are good at maths

    It would be smart to have plan B. You reckon that strat consult jobs are like gold dust and I know some friends who didn't get their preferred jobs at M/B/B.

    Hey Man,

    I am from IE (MiM program) and I can tell you a bit about the program regarding jobs in management consulting.
    I interviewed with one of the top three in switzerland and a lot of my friends are interviewing with McK, BCG, Bain, Booz, these days. 4 of my direct friends already got offers in germany, spain and the US.
    If you are german, the McK german community here is actually the strongest by far! About 10-15 guys from mcK (mostly german) are doing their mba here and hosted 4/5 events over the academic year. If you are german, you also have the advantage of being invited to special events only for german speakers are they want to hire 500 new analysts in the next two year in Germany.

    I have no clue about Imperial, but I can tell you that we are well known in the consulting world as I see it from the number of people who got interviewed.

    True that in comparison with LBS for example, we don't have the advantage of being in London... but if you want to work in germany being in Ldn or Madrid wont change much. They'll fly you there.

    Otherwise, the program is good, might be slightly repetitive at the beginning (I also have a bachelor in business/economics) but soon you'll realize that the approach they have makes everything quite challenging (very pratical, a LOT of group works), so you end up learning a lot. The last term is the specialization, and there you'll have totally different subjects. It is very close to what you would find in a work environment and therefore is a very different approach from the LSE/St Gallen approach (as I have a lot of friends there).

    I don't know much about Imperial but a bit about LBS. Their career service is apparently quite good and they have a LOT of time to prepare for interviews as they have only 3 courses in the first term, and then 4 in the 2 others (if I am not mistaken). We on the other hand have a LOT of classes which might makes things more complicated when you'll have to prepare, so start early.

    The grading is based on the Gauss Curve, which depending on your section might create a lot of competition.


    PS: just realized that the last update was last year, therefore I hope it will help some else

    @ IE Student :
    Hi I am from India. I have got an admit for MIM program at IE Business School for the September intake. I applied only to IE as it correlates with my ambition to become an entrepreneur. I am actually from a Mechanical Engineering background and my aim is to start a consulting company in Engineering services stream. So i applied to IE MIM program and got an admit. My plan is to work for 5 years after graduating from IE in order to gain experience in business and management before starting my own venture. However, after talking to some students from IE, I realize that spanish companies are not really preferring students from other nationalities for full time jobs. Now I am a bit concerned about joining IE with regards to my future after graduation from IE. I am sure that I need to work hard to secure a job and I will do that. However, after hearing some negative remarks from students regarding job opportunities I am now wondering if joining IE is the right choice. Kindly share your thoughts on this.

    Hello Naveen,

    I was true for this year and the year before but it's about to change.
    The Spanish state is now facilitating the visa procedure for top-nocht schools in Spain and will automatically offer you a working visa once out of the master.
    The main drawback being the language, but Spanish is a pretty easy language to learn and some companies also hire english speakers (more and more, especially big companies).
    But to be quite honest, not a lot of people are applying in Spain. Students mostly apply to graduate programs from big corporations (unilever, colgate, bmp parisbas, society general), large consultancies (McK, BCG, Bain - a lot of people are having interviews), and tech firms (Facebook, Amazon (I know 3 students in the process now), Google (a LOT of people are interviewing for it) or go in entrepreneurship (either create their own thing or enter incubators/startups). Also two guys got into world top 10 law firms, but they had a background in law.

    The school is very international and the career service will keep you updated about a lot of opportunities abroad the whole year. Just be aware that process to get a full-time job in Europe are long and can go up to 7 interviews (the maximum I have seen for a position in YouTube).

    But if you wanna start your own thing, IE is definitely the right place. The entrepreneurship spirit is very very strong, a lot of events, a lot of startup competition (from IE (a big one in madrid, smaller ones in London, Lisbon, Shanghai, Tokyo…) or from companies). Just remember that if you enter the Venture Lab, they just won't create the startup for you, you have to put a lot of time into it. I myself loved the experience and I believe I learnt during the process.

    About the venture lab: http://www.ie.edu/business-school/st...ip/venture-lab http://www.ie.edu/entrepreneurship/

    Hope this helps.

    Not so sure about Imerial, but i have been doing some digging into the MiM program and found it to be really interesting, some of its highlights would be
    • Studying shoulder to shoulder with students from the 5th best MBA school in the world. IE also offers amazing Masters of Finance and executive masters programs. So networking opportunities are huge.
    • It is one of the very few MiM schools that has 2 intakes. One in Spring (Jan-Feb) and one in Fall (Aug-Sep).
    • A choice between 5 different specializations in the last leg of the MiM. You can also opt for a dual specialization at IE or go for an exchange program in a partner university, this would extend your course to almost 18 months.
    • A chance to club the IE MiM with the popular IE MiF degree. The masters in finance can be opted for on completion of the MiM.
    • ​Studying in Madrid! The 3rd biggest city in Europe and a big cultural and economic hub.
    • Exposure to a spirit of entrepreneurship via Venture Labs. Where students have the unique opportunity to develop their business plans in a encouraging and mentored atmosphere.
    Also the placement opportunities are pretty good with

    Average Salary of 41,800 Euros​
    3500+ companies worldwide recruited IE students
    91% accepted a Job offer within 3 months of graduation​​
    Some Sectors students were placed in:
    Sector % Placed
    Finance 16%
    Consulting 23%
    Marketing/Sales 41%

    So i would definitely recommend the MiM program of IE, for people serious about building a career in the fields of Marketing, consulting or Finance. Also this school can prove to be particularly useful for people seeking to get into entrepreneurship.
    You can check out a more comprehensive review here: http://www.mim-essay.com/ie-mim-review.html
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