English Pen pals for 8yr olds

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Helen Walland
Report 18 years ago
One of my yr4 girls has asked me if I can find her a pen pal somewhere in England. She is not a very
able girl but I think she will really wo9rk hard at replying to anyone who writes.

Can anyone help me out?

Please ask any child who would like to write to reply to our school address, using their school
address so that we can be sure that everything is above board.

Write to: Charlotte Bird Bentley Heath Primary School Widney Close Solihull B93 9AS

Thank you Helen Walland
Report 18 years ago
Hello, i know i may be a bit old but i love writing letters to people and i would love to be a pen pal with her!! I am 16 and love art and textiles! I will gladly ask my school on Monday if you would like me to write to her, but if not just say so, i wont be offended!!Especially if you wanted a younger pen pal for her!
I have worked with younger children before so you can be sure that i won't say anything which would upset her, i promise!! I don't mind writing to you with my home address but if you would rather use my school address then thats ok too!! Please reply and tell me as soon as you can so i can ask!! Thankyou!
loads of love
Rachie xxx
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