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I am a very confused Mum of a teenager.....nothing new there then! My Son has just finished his IGCSE's at an International School in Germany and we are awaiting his results. The option forward at his current school is IB only and he wants to do A Levels (Geography, History and German) German is not a problem as he can register onto an integration program with a local school but the other two are posing somewhat of an issue. We are looking at different providers and are leaning towards National Extension College but I'm not sure my Son has the drive needed to do Distance learning particularly with the very little Teacher/Student interaction there is available. We have also looked at using NEC but paying for a few sessions a week with a private Online Tutor.....would this work or are we better to omit the DL provider and DIY?? Can anyone on here advise of a good way forward with this? Our only other solution seems to be splitting the family and myself and said teenager relocating back to the UK. :eek:

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