oh and what should i wear to the interview? Watch

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(Original post by johncleaner)
hi there - I had an interview to study Maths at Manchester. I wore smart black trousers and a shirt and I felt hideously over-dressed! Everyone else there were in normal jumpers and jeans and looked like they were just at college. Just wear what you feel comfortable in, but at the same time don't look scruffy.
i'm assuming you're female here...

wear a smartish knee-length skirt of longer. if you're applying for maths/economics, you're probably going to be seeing a lot of male interviewers (atleast, that's what i got with civil engineering).

i wore a brownyish knee length skirt with a couple of pleats (though i hate skirts), a grey striped shirt (kind of vintage/but looks casual-classy), a v-neck jumper (bearing in mind it was december), and some flat black shoes (shiny). this is basically what i have to wear to school (we wear suits) except i ditched the suit jacket and wore a duffel coat on top, so i looked smart, but could get away with looking like one of these prim/posh-types that would wear it everyday out of choice

...got accepted from everywhere i applied to except cambridge. (though that was probably to do with poor maths skills than dress-code).

even imperial (who gave my mate applying for electrical engineering loads of tough maths questions) gave me really easy casual questions (the usual "why are you applying for this subject", "you've written in your UCAS that you do this... explain" etc).

if you know why you're applying for the subject/show a keen interest, you're probably a step ahead of everyone else who has probably only applied because their uncle did in the 70's, or because they opened the UCAS directory at a random page and has pitched up in jeans, baggy jumper, greasy hair...
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