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Doing test without being able to do the 5 maneuvers? watch

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    I am pretty much ready for the test.

    Unfortunately, I am not very strong with the maneuvers, such as Bay Parking and reversing for instance.

    Do you get a minor for refusing to do the maneuvers or what?

    This sounds lazy, but this is for curiosity. I will master them before the test and not take unnecessary shortcuts.

    If you refuse to do them then you will get a major. The examiners want to see if you are able to do maneuversand by refusing you can be suggesting that you don't know how to do them which will be a fail. Just take your time and master them

    Erm, you can't pick and choose what you do on the test. If you can't do all the manoeuvres, you're not test ready.

    But I wonder if you're being too harsh on yourself - is it a case where you CAN do them, but you don't feel comfortable? If so, just drill them. Do them over and over. Your lessons are your own time - you have to get ready for test, so spend your lessons doing what you need to do.
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    If you haven't mastered the maneouvres then you're not ready for the test mate. If you think you're ready in all the other aspects then tell your instructor that you want to dedicate a few lessons to perfecting all the maneouvres. If you just refuse to do it the maneouvre will be considered abandoned and the test will be failed. I don't see why instructors don't get their pupils up to scratch on maneouvres early on, it teaches clutch and steering control very quickly which gives you less to think about later on when learning how to use the roads.

    Just a side note - you seem to be asking a lot of questions about driving on here, which is all well and good... but the amount of questions about the basics does make me wonder if your instructor is ripping you off if there are still so many unanswered questions and lack of coverage of maneouvres.

    It's a legal requirement for the examiner to test your reversing. If you refuse, the test will be terminated.

    It's your £62.
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