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    For my AS-level predicted grades are CCCC and I have obtained the following: History D, Geography D, ICT D, and Biology E. I'm really disappointed with Geography as I achieved a B in the unit 1 exam; I think something has gone horribly wrong with my years ICT course work as everyone's coursework has been marked down by exactly 2 grades; Biology is a massive disappointment as it was the subject that I tried the most in and after resiting the unit 1 exam I was one mark off a D and 10ums overall off a D grade (still crap - I know, but it's better than an E); and finally History, I thought I was going to get a U as I freaked out in the sources paper and only wrote one standard paragraph for section but question 2 went far better which is where I think I got 90% of my marks from for that paper and on the British history essay paper I felt I completely mucked up the first question but the second question was okay.

    I was aspiring to get BBBb and study Geology at Aberdeen but it's clear that this is never going to happen this means that the only universities for Geology I can apply to are: Plymouth, Kingston, Portsmouth and South Wales (Glamorgan).

    I feel that My Geography paper and my History sources paper don't reflect what I know I'm capable off and I am planning on resiting these two exam papers in order to boost my overall AS grade and my final A-level grade, however, I know that at A2 my subject will become a lot harder and therefore more demanding than AS so I'm left asking myself self is worth resiting these two exams or focusing more on my A2's as by resiting the two papers I run the risk of compromising my A2's.

    So in conclusion, should I resit the History and Geography papers and by giving up 99% of my social life should I be able to attain 240/320 UCAS points and do the degree that I really really want to do, or look for different degrees that I may be interested in and choose a university that offers grades that are similar to my AS-level grades?

    *Any other suggestions to what I should do will be much appreciated. Thanks.

    Really you just need to think about where you want to go. If your looking at unis that are around the 300 mark, then I would definitely say resit. Due to these AS's, you might be able to lift your predictions so that its one grade per better for subject. You may well then achieve better grades at the end of A2, but it wont be a relaxing year as there'l be the fear that unis will give an initial no based on predictions. If your looking at unis more around the 240 mark, a total resit of the year is it necessary, maybe resit one exam and then focus on the others. It really is just about what uni you want to go to, you dont want to compromise and end up somewhere you don't want to be.

    I was predicted Cs.

    In my first year I got deee.
    I carried the D onto A2, resat two of the E subjects and picked up another subject.
    Last year I got Eccc.
    This year I got CDD.

    I havent ended up with the best set of results, but I've got a place at uni
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