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    Ill start with a little background to break the ice into the depression that awaits!
    Anyway I'm Luke i've just turned 18 in June, my absolute ambition is to be a pilot I have been set on it ever since a young age! I left school with pretty good GCSEs A/A in double science, B in maths, B/B in English language/lit and everything else a B.
    I done my work experience at an aircraft engineering company, I really liked it and ended up doing an apprenticeship there rather than going college, I think the money took my eye off what I would gain from it though. One year into it I decided I needed to fulfil my dream to become a pilot or I would forever live in regret. This meant I left and enrolled to college to start AS Levels in September 2012, I chose Maths, Physics, Geography and Psychology. I quickly learnt having a year out of 'learning' was a bad idea. I'm not saying I didn't learn anything on my apprenticeship it's just it was specific aircraft stuff, I could tell you anything you'd ever want to know about a plane literally, but unfortunately there is no AS in planes or being a pilot haha (I wish though!)
    I got my Jan results back and suddenly I didn't feel so clever, I was pretty lazy and ended up with three Us which I later resat this summer.
    It soon came round to June exams where I was hit with severe food poisoning I ended up missing my maths exam and then it also affected my geography exam and then the others plus my revision. I'm not putting it all down to this though as my Physics tutor was appalling and also I know that I could have done a lot better.

    But anyway in the end I got a U overall in Maths, E in Geography, U in psychology and U in physics. So basically I massively flopped due to effort, illness and tutors.

    Now i'm looking to start again though the only thing is I really didnt enjoy maths and neither physics really. I dont want to do maths or physics again really, however geography I liked and would do psychology again too. Another thing is i'm now two years behind!
    I'm thinking to focus on three subjects this time Geography, Psychology and Law or media.

    I was only a few UMS off getting a D in Geography and Psychology so if I tried alot harder I think I would be okay, unfortunately the freedom of college made me get lazy.

    Just looking for some advice really!

    Maybe A levels are not right for you and it would be a shame to pursure something that is not working out. If you got the grades you need how would you become a pilot from good A level grades?
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    I think it was a combination of a few factors that made me fail. If I took away one of them I'm sure I would have done a lot better so I would like to stick with A Levels. If I did get good grades I would consider going uni, but ideally I want to get on a specific pilot course but that is rather expensive. Another thing I have looked at is the new higher apprenticeship for pilots which is effectively the same as the current pilot cadet courses but with a degree and also partly funded (still really expensive though £40k+) for that I think the requirement was 120 UCAS points when I last looked into it.
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