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As part of my course, I am carrying out a critical research study into Children and television, focussing specifically on :
1. Is children's television multicultural in terms of its representation and content? 2. Does violence on television have a negative effect on children's behaviour? 3. Does television play a role in gender development of children?
As part of my primary research I am required to post a message and monitor responses to these issues.
How do you feel about these topics? Do you have an opinion? Should more ethnics be on children's tv? Does violence make children behave violently?Is tv reinforcement for gender role behaviour?
I am interested to hear your views, and will respond too!
Thank you for your time.
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i think that violent images on tv can have a large effect on the behavour of young children , this is due to the fact that they learn through copying and they belive that what they see is right.
Many parents also place children in front of tvs thinking that they will learn, but in actula fact they will not as the fact that there is not as much intellectual stimulation. more ethnic views should be broadcast as children can use this oppoertunity to understand and learn about different things froma young age.
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