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    so i have this friend whose kinda stuck in her life and cant find a way out. she lives with her family overseas (not in her home country). she's living with her mom and stepfather and her two half-brothers. she completed her o-levels but her parents refused to pay for higher education and now want her out of the house (she's 19) and said she needed to get married before december 2005 or else they'd send her back to her home-country all by herself and she doesnt have a family to go back to.. so she went out and found herself a guy (42).. really nice guy it seemed.

    they met after she broke up with his brother (39) who turned out to be married. so they had been going out for a few months when they started talking about marriage which of course suited her parents who just wanted to get rid of her. they were supposed to get married in april but as they went to register she found out that he was still married too. he said it was just a muslim thing and that by muslim belief he was divorced it was just by law that they're still married. anyways so she was really disapointed but because she wanted to move out from home she forgave him after he promised he'd really divorce his wife (they have 2 daughters) for her..

    now they're back together and he doesnt want her to work.. her parents dont know they're back together cuz they think she's ruining her life (kinda agree).. anyway her mom tells her to get off her back and get a job but she wants to please her 'fiance'.. she doesnt have enough education for a proper job and she cant get married without her parent's permission till she's 21. she just wants to get out.. she's had 2 miscarriages (self-inflicted) and has been infected by a STD by him which is in the worst stage, could lead to cancer and cause her to become infertile.
    she's recently been talking a lot about ending her life cuz she's caught in a cycle.. no education=no job=no money=no freedom/independence=no life..

    PS: she has to rent her room off her parents who hate her..

    just wondering what i should tell her.. she's been really down lately and has told me that she's been thinking about ending the relationship with her 'fiance' but she needs the money (he buys her a lot and always pays for everything) and cant depend on her parents who havent given her any money since she was 16 and has been working as waitress fro over a year.. quit a few months ago and now just 'lives'..

    sorry for the long thread.. hope to get some advice though.. Thanx in advance

    damn...i really feel sorry for her...i wouldnt know where to start...i really wouldnt...i wish her all the best.
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