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    Hi, I am a 6th form student starting upper soon. I saw my bad results yesterday and now I am in a bit of a dilemma and need help deciding. Tbh, I was expecting to breeze through the exams like with gcse and didn't study hard enough.

    I need AAB for the university I want to apply to and I am currently at ABB. My results are: Math A-level A(547/600), Physics AS B(212/300), Computing AS B(151/200).

    I will try to get A* in Maths by retaking C4 (80/100) and C3 (90/100) or just C4. I will also try to get A in Further Maths but I am not sure how well I will fair with F.Math.

    To focus purely on F.Math, I need to drop physics or computing so that I have less distractions. (I wont try to get A in physics or computing because they are not as fun for me as maths).

    I think that computing with it's Comp4 Project will be more distracting than Physics with its 2 exam 1 practical. Personally, I want to study both but I know that my grades are likely to suffer if I do.

    Here are my choices:
    #1 - Drop computing. Deal with memorizing new physics concepts (the math part to physics is as easy as half tau)

    #2 - Drop physics. Deal with the headache of meeting deadlines for Comp4 project.

    #3 - Take both and be happy but risk chance of not making it to university.

    Percentage-wise, I am doing better at computing than physics but I am almost certain that comp4 project will deal a crushing blow to my grades. Whats preventing me from dropping computing is my love for programing (+ the logic part of computer science). What makes me hate computing is the IT-like, mainly coursework, part of it.

    Few more problems I face:

    In my current college, its compulsory to take an additional study course if we only do 3 A-levels. I will be getting rid of 1 distraction and taking up another (hopefully less distracting) distraction.

    The university I want to apply to has a rule of not admitting any student with C or below grade. If I made choice #3 and had A*ABC, I would not be admitted (confirmed after speaking with admission tutor).

    (In case I do continue with 4 A-level) Can I Chose not to send my lowest grade though UCAS to uni?

    Me and you are in very similar situations - my maths UMS was two lower than yours, I'm also planning on retaking C3 and C4, and I'm relying on getting an A in FM. Computing is my favourite subject, I was looking forward to the Comp4 project (though I get what you're saying, bits of it are feeling like GCSE IT all over again).

    Difference is, I'm pretty set on what I want to drop: German because I'm **** at it the one thing you haven't mentioned is what course this is all for at uni? Because obviously if it's for a physics course, you should drop computing. Likewise, in my opinion, you should also drop computing if it's for Maths, Computer Science, any natural science, or engineering. Computing is perceived as a softer option than the natural sciences, so universities often prefer physics.
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