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Having the problem of enjoying being 'young' Watch

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    Looking at the bright computer screen for many hours, my body felt tired, but interested. Here I was trying to plan my future. Looking at NHS jobs, and their requirements, and endorsing myself in the land of information. Then I was stopped in my tracks. My mum said

    "Stop worrying about the future. You're young and you need to enjoy it, soon enough you will have to deal with the future and bills, and a family".

    My response:

    "But Mum, I need to find out what sort of grades I need for my GCSE's"

    Mums Response:

    "Just do your best, then worry about the job stuff".

    I took this as a wake up. I need to enjoy my teenage life. It's the holiday's. It should be spent shopping and sleepovers, not research and studying. But once I see something I want, there is nothing stopping me, and I will go on about it forever. You should see me when I find Russell Howard Tickets Haha! Anyway. Most of my friends are quite far and I need to help my mum with my dad not being well. But how can I feel 'young' with such responsibility. How can I 'relax'. My sense of relax is Twitter and TV.

    I am so confused of how I can feel young. I am quite a tom boy. I am not a girly pink girl as you must of already noticed.

    How can I feel 'young'?

    Please say any suggestions!

    -Clucky_Chick X

    I've always been told I'm mature for my age and I can understand where you're coming from. Annoyingly, I got this "I should be 'young'!" realisation now, just as I start my second year of university. I'm not as young as you and now I feel a little silly but I AM still young so I'm going ahead with it anyway. From what I've gathered, unless you actually want to go out and do all the things that young people are supposed to be doing (whatever that is ???) then I think you just need to calm down with your ways of thinking. You're thinking straight into the future and I think it's great that you've got such a strong sense of direction with your life but at the same time your mum is right, you're far away from the weight of responsibilities such as careers, bills, houses etc. Check the sort of grades they're looking for but you CANNOT be obsessed by them. You need to work hard and do the best you can, not work hard for an A. You could work really hard and do well but if you fall short then you're going to get really frustrated with yourself. You shouldn't be frustrated if you've worked as hard as you can. Don't be so fixed on the future ahead of you, enjoy the life that you have right now because it is completely different to the life you're going to be living in a few years time. Push yourself towards what you want but don't look at it so hard all of the time. Try and balance between getting your work done and spending time with your friends, enjoying your hobbies, or whatever you enjoy that isn't related to getting the grades to get into the NHS. Take it all as it comes and enjoy what you have now because it's going to be gone soon enough.

    You can work hard and be young, I'm the least mature person I know, I'm the least mature person most of my friends know. If you're a tomboy though, find trees, climb trees, you'll be old soon enough and then it is very hard to climb trees without people seeing and judging you. :yep: Find things you enjoy, people think they need to kill themselves to do well. You don't, just do things that make you happy. Unless those things are illegal, then find better ways to use your time. But don't let anyone else tell you what kind of hobbies you should have. Apart from tree climbing, everyone should do that. :lol: I spent a lot of time staring at uni prospectuses and haunting the student room and finding out what I need to get into the course I wanted as well, it's not as weird as you think.

    i see a lot of people nowadays, wasting their precious youth away. and you are wasting it too. is that what 'feeling young' means to you? shopping and TV? twitter and sleepovers? life's bigger than that.

    and studying...studying is better 100x than that.
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