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What to expect at a GUM sexual health/check up/clinic? Watch

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    Basically I'm after a full sexual health check up, just for my own peace of mind and reassurance. Basically I have had same sex sexual experiences. When I was 14 (I'm now 22) I received/gave oral sex, attempted anal and received it with a boy the same age as me (without protection- stupid I know!). Additionally I gave oral to/received from a guy that was about 7 years older than me when I was 18 (of whom was gay and had told me of various sexual partners he'd had), although he told me he was regularly tested because of work (works as paramedic for NHS).

    When I was very young (pre puberty age) I came into contact with a girl of whom I was involved with, we actually had penetrative sex (as weird as it sounds at that age), and I'm not sure if I have contracted anything from this.

    This is an overview of my sexual past. I appreciate that I have been stupid for not using condoms etc, however I was fairly young at those times and perhaps naive. I would like to point out that im now 22 so it's been awhile, and I am paranoid because I now have a GF and I've never ever been tested for anything. I have like spots all over my penis, but have had them for years and a warty looking thing, but there's only one (on scrotum).

    Maybe I am overreacting here but I fear it could be herpes or genital warts. I am concerned because although they can be treated they are un-curable. I will have them for life and could pass them on to gf.

    What can I expect at a drop in clinic, with it being my first time? Will they want to know the detail of my exploits? I'm slightly embarrassed about it all.

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    They will first do a questionnaire and will ask things like : have you had penetrative sex with same sex, oral sex, anal sex, sex with someone from a foreign place, unprotected sex. They might ask how long ago this was and will ask if youve been tested before. They won't ask for details unless it helps with assessing your risk of exposure.

    Then based on how at risk you have been, they might take a blood sample, urine sample and some swabs from front and back.

    It tends to all be very professional and they fully expect people to feel awkward so should try to put your mind at rest

    If it was that long ago and you've had antibiotics for coughs etc, then you probably would have already cured things like clymidia and gonorrhoea but still worth getting the test done.

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    What happens varies from place to place - some do the initial questions via computer screens, some via a nurse - but at a drop-in clinic, you can expect to wait

    You'll be asked, one way or another, why you're there. In this case, you're worried about the spots and the thing on your scrotum. Some sort of sexual history will be taken as part of seeing what tests to do, but this can be asking you 'have you ever done X?' and you saying yes or no.

    Don't beat yourself up over your past. There are plenty of people who did things as a young teenager or before. It's unlikely that you caught anything from it - herpes sores come and go every so often, for example. Warts are the same wherever on the body they appear.
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Updated: August 17, 2013
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