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    I currently reside in the UK and go to school here. However, I am pretty determined on going to university in the US. The majority of the schools I'm looking at are Ivy League, (Brown, Upenn, Colombia) and I was wondering how much of a chance I have now. I have just finished my AS levels.


    A*: English Language
    A*: Photography
    A*: Double Science
    A*: French
    A: Double Science
    A: History
    A: English Literature
    A: Maths
    C: Drama (lol)


    A: French (87%)
    A: History (87%)
    B: English (78%)
    B: Economics (76%)
    D: Maths (58%)

    SATs: (First go, did very little revision, will do it the second time in October alongside SAT 2's) 1840, but gonna try and get 2100 + next time.

    Now I know my AS's where not the greatest, (Although I'm pretty confident my English could go up to an A with a remark) and I intend to take (as you can probably guess) French, History and English as my a-levels. My main question was whether American university do conditional offers like in England, (eg if you get A*AA you're in) and if not do they just take in AS and predicted A2's into account?

    as well as those, I'm pretty active outside of classes. (2 x work experience, DoE bronze and gold, Athletics team for running, speak 3 languages fluently and a fourth nearly fluently, I've played guitar for 5 years, I do stuff for charity, Chess club - I compete with other schools and stuff - and I read a lot - that probably makes no difference but hey.)

    And that's about it. Assuming I get 2100 + in my SAT's, What are my chances?

    1. No, US univeristies do not make conditional offers. Any offer you recieve will be unconditional.

    2. Keep in mind not all Ivies are created equal. Although they're all great schools, some are more great than others. Of the three you mentioned (Brown, UPenn, Columbia) Brown is definitely the easiest (except for a few odd courses) and UPenn is probably the most difficult.

    3. Cost is also worth keeping in mind. I'm sure you know this but univeristy in the US is ungodly expensive, as in $50,000/year (and you all thought tuitioin fees going up to £9000 a year was bad...). Some US uni's are need blind to internationals and gaurantee to meet all demonstrated need (Harvard, MIT, UChicago I believe...) but these obviously are very competitive. It may be worth going onto College Confidential (the US version of this site) and reading around the International forum under College Admissions and Search. There's probably a list somewhere there about which schools are need blind/meet need.

    4. All that being said...I'm still not sure about your chances. Yes, US schools are much more wholistic in their admissions procedure but scores still matter a lot (much more than most admissions people would let you believe). I would aim 2200+ for SAT (if you were a US applicant 2300 is really where you want to be...for internationals you get slightly more leeway but because you're from the UK they won't be as generous about your english/writing section scores). You'll also want 700+ on your SATIIs (preferably 750+). Also, because you're taking French, History, and English for A level it wouldn't hurt to make sure you're taking a Science/Math SATII. US unis are all about you being "well rounded" (the opposite of Oxbridge) so showing your math/science ability will be important.

    Your linguistic skills and work experience sound fairly impressive, the rest of your ECs are pretty standard. Do you have any leadership experience in any of those clubs/team? That can be a deal breaker. Also have you done any charity/volunteering? That's also pretty much essential. Your "hook" will be that you're foreign...but this also can make applications much more selective, especially if you need aid and the school is not aid blind.

    I would definitely suggest applying to some lower tier schools if your heart is set on the US. In addition to the Ivies you mentioned, UChicago will also be a reach, Berekely would be a reach/high match. Boston College (BC) and Boston University (BU) will be closer to matches, along with WashU. You may want to check out the top Liberal Arts Colleges. They tend to be good schools with less stringet admissions and also tend to give substantial aid to internationals.

    Good luck!
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