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Ok here is the situation:

I have offers to do Psycholgoy at uni next year, my predicted grades are:

Psychology: A (confident of achieveing this - only need 14/120 on the last paper to make an A)
Biology: B (not too confident of making this)
Maths: B ( not too confident of achieving this)
I also already have an A in general studies from the januray exams.

I have decided to accept my offer from Warwick (BBB excluding gs) as my firm choice however I am stuck for an insurance.

The only two offers I have which are lower grades are Hull - BBC and Lancaster - ABB/ equivalnt grades (although this looks higher I can include gs for this).

I'm tempted to accept the Lancaster offer as my insurance as even though it is higher than Warwick's I already have an A from general studies and as equivilent grades are allowed i should still get a place if I get AAC. So if i get an A in Psychology which i am fairly confident off (touch wood) then along with general studies I will only need a C from Biology/Maths.
For the hull offer I will already have the two Bs from Psychology and gs so will also need one C from maths/biology.

Basically could someone just check that i havent made a mistake here, is what I'm thinking sensible as I just feel better with a BBC insurance rather than a ABB one which is higher than my firm!

Also, is Lancaster more highly respected than Hull? I can't say I LOVE either of them - I realllllyy wanna go to Warwick!
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yeah I think that's right. I think you should go for Lancaster. It's a better uni than Hull and I think it would be quite flexible (if you fail to get into Warwick)
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