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19 years old and never had a girlfriend Watch

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    So yeah, I'm a 19 year old guy and I've never had a girlfriend.
    I'm not that great at explaining stuff but here goes nothing...

    I come from a Muslim Bengali background and in our culture it is usually frowned upon to have a relationship with a girl/boy when you're not married although in the recent years many Muslim Bengali's have 'modernised' except my parents especially my overprotective mum. My dads more lenient on these types of things but we're not on the best of terms right now.

    My aunts and uncles have had a lot of relationships and some of my parents friends are dating people.

    When I was younger, roughly before I turned 12, I had some friends that were girls and my parents were fine with that and allowed me to invite them over to my house and stuff, but in the recent years my mum just got overprotective and used to ground me for a long time whenever I did anything seriously bad, but I guess that was partly my fault because I used to cause a lot of trouble for my parents (I used to get detentions a lot as well as a couple of suspensions at school I also used to cause trouble outside of school).

    I started to lose friends because of being grounded a lot and I sort of lost my confidence in the process and I've never had the experience of asking a girl out.

    TL;DR - I'm a 19 year old guy that's unconfident and never had a girlfriend nor the experience of asking a girl out. Any advice?

    Also sorry if I'm missing some words and that wall of text, I can't be assed proof reading.


    From my experience, focus on making friends first...THEN a relationship.

    Having very good friends will help build up your confidence, trust me. Friendship is much more likely to be long term than a relationship at your age. Plus if you get into a realtionship, then break up, you will have no friends to help take your mind of your ex girlfriend and you will become even more depressed than before. Just remember, not many people at your age will have had serious long term relationships, most are just short term.

    Bare in mind, any parent is always a little bit worried about their child in their first relationship with someone. Maybe your parents will relax a bit more when you are in a second relationship? If you highly doubt this, it is important to realise that while it is important to respect your parents, you are an adult and you have the right to be in a relationship. This may mean you having to become more independant, but with anything good pays a price?
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