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Economics and Management reading lists?

My brother is applying for econ and management and wants to get hold of the introductary/ first year reading lists, so he can start reading up over the summer. Does anyone have access to these please? :smile:
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Have you tried looking at the economics department website?
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Yeah he tried that, he said the whole site was down this morning. He is a bit of an eager beaver, maybe LSE would be a better place for him to do econ :biggrin:
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lol! the problem is the reading list varys quite a lot from college to college. for example, we had all the 'standard' books (these are mankiw's "macroeconomics", varian's "intermediate microeconomics") as well as quite a few others that help with the main course content. people at other colleges were asked to read more abstract things, people at merton reading old communist manifestos for example :s-smilie:
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Thanks, thats good any other books you know of? Also what journal articles are there? Are there some I could get of JSTOR or something and email to him? :smile:
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there are tonnes of articles to read, around 5 a week for 16 weeks... and without knowing what to look for it's hard to pick up on much of any use. reading "the machine that changed the world" by womack would probably be a good idea.
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What about management books?
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machine that changed the world is a management book. i honestly dont think reading any management material b4 getting here will help as people dont know the way in which to approach the subject...
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The one that was recommended to us was "What is Strategy" by Whittington. However my personal guess is that that's largely because he's the course director. Machine... is a better, IMHO.

As for articles, anything would be useful, but nothing at all needed. Far better to read a bit of Mankiw or Varian and have a headstart on economics.
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AFAIK management is mostly studied by reading and criticising papers. Books are hardly used for this subject at uni level. Could very well be wrong here though...
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it's a mix of articles and chapters from books. i've often referred to a specific chapter of 'machine', but you never have to read the whole of a book for an essay (as far as i know). but yes, as drogue says, get ahead on the econ (and proabably the maths too??) and just leave the management.