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I have to vent my anger over the extortionate fees that boards are charging for papers to be remarked or even for them to send you a copy for you to look at. My girlfriend paid £20 for an A Level Psychology paper to be sent to her to see where she went wrong as she doubted her grade. When it came back, our Psych teacher believed it should have been given a B rather than the C she got. However, if she wanted it remarked, she would have to shell out £70 (yes seventy!) because it is a 'double' paper (ie. two sections of the syllabus in one). She would apparently be refunded if the grade was indeed wrong but surely you might not want to risk £70 if it comes back the same. £70 for someone to look at a paper for 10 minutes is absolutely rediculous and it seems like one of the ways the boards are trying to reduce the number of higher grade students - by marking them low and then charging extortionate rates for a remark so people can't afford it. I find this disgusting. And the standard of marking also often seems terrible. Our english teacher sent for 5 papers from our class to look at because he felt they got the wrong grades for the standard they were at. I got a C, and he said he would have marked it as a high B/low C. He's now getting the whole lot remarked. He also says he's heard that first year university English students have been given papers to mark with no training, just the mark scheme. They're just playing with our futures - what if they were to badly mark your final June exams and made you miss your uni. offer with no time for a remark. God, they make me angry...
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i feel exactly the same. after the whole aqa specificationa english literature fiasco last yr with the really tough marking, i have lost all faith in all exam boards. the teachers in our school still believe the papers were marked too strictly as verrrry few people got As in the whole country. everyone had to re-take, fortunately everyone went up grades and did much better, but it still makes u worry doesn't it?
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I agree - I had to pay £35 for a retake at edexcel. Luckily my mark was near a grade boundary, and was remarked up a grade - meaning I didn't have to pay. However,I was really unsure as to whether it was worth the expense, and almost didn't go ahead with it. Someone else I know got marked up from a U to an A ( not a clerical error, actually remarked). It really worries me that we need to risk losing money to get the right grade. Also what if this recurrs in the Summer? Imagine losing your place at uni because an inexperienced and untrained marker gave you a bad grade. :mad:
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