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I am taking my maths GCSE, at intermediate level, but i think i really messed up in my mock exam. has anyone got any tips for improving in a really short space of time? I also have to suck up to the teacher too!! LOL! Any tips??

Luv Ya Sophie xxxx
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My advice would be to concentrate your efforts on Algebra. It makes up a large part of the exam (yet most candidates score poorly), about 30%. Another 30% is number work which most people are better at anyway. If you get marks on the algebra you will be picking up marks where other people drop them. This is to your advantage as no doubt you will still pick up marks on the number work/stats etc that you would have got revising it or not. So there it is if you are short on time I recommend redoing your algebra chapters, all the best with the exam. Dan
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For a really cheap way that is technically not cheating, you could buy a calculator that is capable of doin Simultaneous Equations. At GCSE there are only certain restrictions on calculators and (providing things haven't changed since I took mine) there are commonly available calculators that are allowed in the exam that do them.

Other than that tiny loop hole, I would recommend breaking the material up into bits and revise the most commonly tested areas. The other great thing is to try doing past papers because if the exam board come up with a good question they often repeat it.
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