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So according to my grades and teacher, im a good writer within a creative studies course. Im looking to exercise my skills, as an 18 year old aspiring entrepreneur and I think its about time I began trying and failing until I eventually hit the jackpot lol

Anyway I have always thought about making a blog but they remained thoughts and did not come to fruition, well now I want to take action and having researched im still slightly unclear and confused. I have two options, tap in to the niche market of UK Hip Hop which im extremely knowledgable and passionate about, or come up with a very original idea. I have the capability of coming up with a fresh idea, but its hard to do that when im not sure of what Blogs are capable of, or allow.

For instance Failblog is a blog, how do they get their material? do they steal it? I have read that you are not allowed to do that. I would be using Wordpress, surely when Failblog started they DID NOT just steal funny videos from Youtube and post them, likewise with 9Gag, where do they get their memes? if users submit them, how did they get any when they had NO users? These are the questions I need answering before I progress.

Finally if I tap into the UK Hip Hop niche, to step above competition I would need to do it differently. Instantly whilst brainstorming, I thought "I could review up coming talents albums" etc can you think of anything which would set a blog aside from other music blogs? just brainstorming. Thanks everyone.
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I assume with 9gag the founders came up with the first memes, to attract the readers to submit more. You'd have to build a blog with enough very high quality, original content to attract those first loyal visitors, and get them to spread the word around. Word of mouth, and link referrals, are the best thing for your blog, and you need to think up the content to get people to talk about your blog in a internet bursting at the seams with them.

If you're knowledgeable and passionate about hip hop, I would suggest starting your blog on that subject. It's a niche, so hopefully you won't have a huge crowd to stand out from, and because it's a subject you love you'll find it easier to stick at regular posts in the first few months when traffic is slow (unless you manage a fluke to hook in a huge readership quickly) and that genuine interest will shine through. Don't post just what is already proven to be popular, because there's enough of that already, and readers can tell when you're just sticking to a tried format and it makes you forgettable.

I wasn't sure what meant about Failblog etc. sourcing content from other websites but you won't get a loyal readership by merely posting links to content on other blogs, at best you'll be a stepping stone and just directing traffic to them. Links are good, but in the context of your own material. No you are definitely not allowed to steal content. Whatever you use, make it clear where it came from and link to the original source. I also hesitate to call Failblog an actual blog, really, despite the name. It's like a tumblr/magazine for pictures. A blog is usually more personal, so finding an individual 'voice' and style is key. Blogs need personality.

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