24 plus advanced learning loan for PTLLS

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I was hoping to start the PTLLS course (part-time, 12 weeks, level 4 within the teacher training area) at my local College and apply for the 24 plus advanced learning loan (I am 24) to fund the cost of the course (almost 500 pounds).

I was told that I could apply for the 24 plus advanced learning loan because it is a level 4 qualification as this is the purpose of the loan, however the College are certain that the course is not eligible for funding and mentioned that this is because it is 'teacher training'. My confirmation letter confirms that it is not eligible for funding.

The PTLLS course is only the first, intial step int eacher training that anyone can complete even if not within a teaching role, and as mentioned is a Level 4 qualification.

There are further seperate courses that I could complete after the PTLLS course to become a qualified teacher, which include the full Level 5 qualification DTLLS which is a Higher Education Course - you have to be working as a teacher to apply for the course and therefore your employer would pay for your training - which makes sense to remove funding for the DTLLS course (as no one would need to access the funding because your employer pays) but surely not for the the PTLLS?

Also, PTLLS is around 490 pounds and the DTLLS qualification is like 2,000 pounds.

The Student Loan Company are saying the College may have it wrong and haven't checked the database to see if the course is eligible - but could they really have it wrong? It is a bit embarrassing to have to ask them to check - although I really need the option of the 24 plus loan to do the course. Which starts in 3 weeks. Not sure whether anyone could tell me of a new regulation that would prevent the funding for this course or if anyone can see whether it is eligible on the (LARA?) database?

Any help would be much appreciated.
Thanks :confused:
Mark Lee - SFE Official Adviser
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Hi there,

24+ Advanced Learning Loan does cover level 4 courses, but doesn't guarantee funding for ALL level 4 courses.

The Student Loans Company looks at students personal eligibility only. We are unable to advise students which specific courses are eligible - this is the responsibility of the colleges.

We would suggest you speak with the college again and clarify that they have confirmed the course doesn't attract 24+ funding.


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