PPP or HPV on Corona Head of Penis Watch

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I came into contact with HPV unfortunately about 6 months ago. I have had a few warts removed and made a few visits to the clinic to have things checked out.
I have been once before with a specific problem of a skin tag type thing on the head (corona) area of the penis under the foreskin. Overnight I noticed a small 'flap'. The flap of skin (or whatever it may be) was raised about 1mm above the penis.
I actually had this issue before about 2 months ago, where one of these small bumps arised. I made a visit to the clinic, and they were unsure, so froze it off. This was fine, but within the past 2 days I have noticed another one in a similar position develop.

I do believe I have PPP (Pearly Penile Papules) which I understand are not an issue and are common. This flap has arised in the same region as these papules.

To the touch, the flap is sensitive and is slightly more sore. I want to know if this sounds like HPV or something else?
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Impossible for anyone here to tell, so it's back to the clinic if you're worried.

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