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Can ne1 recommend anything that I would be able to do - Geography orientated, that i woule be able to put on my personal statement nextyear. please??
you don't have to spend money on going travelling like some people suggested - in fact i was discouraged from just listing the countries/places i've visited unless there's something particularly interesting & relevant about it. subscribe to a magazine (geog review, the geographical etc) & say that, maybe do some work experience. i was in the 'landscape consultancy' dept at the county council which in itself wasnt v relevant to my ba geog degree i was applying to, but i said that i was introduced to the planning dept, the gis system, and saw the applied effects of aspects of geog on peoples lives. to really impress them you could attend RGS meetings & mention what the subject of discussion was! (i was going to join the RGS,but joining fee was a bit steep)
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Here's the world challenge link for should check it'd be an amazing thing to have on your UCAS form!

i went away with them, really good organisation, organised for us to be airlifted in an army plane out of a random peruvian village where we were stuck in riots, fun
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(Original post by Geogger)
I might suggest you see if there is anything you could do in your own school (or a nearby Primary School). In my school some sixthformers started up an "armchair geographers" club for year 7 - about every 2 weeks and in it they did things like showing videos of different places and producing a little booklet on it for the kids, they did map jigsaws, orienteering when the weather was good, looked at environmental problems (like erosion) around the school and what to do with them etc.
How about looking closer to home... ask in school
At our 6th form at the mo, theyr starting a mentoring thing, when you go into class and help C/D borderline GCSE students. The only problem with that is ur free periods have to fit in around theyr timetable, and be with suitable sujects according to what you are studying.
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