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Well i know everyone seems to procrastinate about this, but I am not going to post on here anymore - apart from if I actually have something I need to know. All my uni stuff and coursework stuff has been sorted out now, including the accommodation forms, and you've all been excellent at helping me with it along the way. All that remains for me to do now is to work hard for the next couple of months so that I can actually go to my 1st choice uni!! I think I joined these forums as they began to go "downhill" but to be honest I think they are still pretty good for giving learning related advice, I just don't like the way I seem to spend so much time on here when I could (and really should!) be getting on with other things.

SO.. good luck to all of you with exams coming up, I hope you get what you want (apart from those of you doing 10 a levels and want all As, cos that's just greedy ) and I may well come back after results are out in the Summer, because I will surely be needing loads of advice about what to take etc.etc. For the time being at least, cheerio.

PS i am not addicted to this place and i am strong willed so dont bother posting saying wonder how long she'll last cos i am really gone!!
All the best, hope you enjoy university life.

Take care, and thanks for wishing us luck in our exams.
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bye fionah, good luck in all your exams! let us know how you did in the summer
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