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I did P1, P2 and P3 for AS-level Pure Mathematics. At the time, P1 and P2 weren't that bad, but we only started P3 with about two weeks before study leave.

I opted to take the P3 exam anyway, along with one other person in my class. This was against the strong advice of the chief examiner who did a revision day for us. I had to teach myself most of the content for P3, and this took up most of my study leave. The exam was the hardest one I'd ever taken in my life; I had a terrible time in the exam room.

In retrospect, AS pure maths is a doddle. However, at the time it seems so much harder. Maths is a linear subject, so it involves building on what you already know.

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Very strange to see peoples opinions on this....

Personally? P2 is my hardest, P1 is a joke when the exams comes, first week I was like 'wtf?' from the changeover from GCSE but when you've done it all it's a breeze.

I relate and understand to P3 so much better than P2, out of the six modules: P1, P2, P3, M1, S1, S2 - My strongest will be P3 without doubt.
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(Original post by Dan_UK)
My strongest will be P3 without doubt.
This comment makes me want to be you sooo much!!!
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