Stings to pee after sex

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    I know, quite an embarrassing one but i just wondered if anyone might help me with this/ have the same problem. When my boyfriend and I have just had sex, it really stings when I try to pee - thats for like 15mins afterwards! Now i dont know if its just cause your not supposed to go to the loo straight after or because theres something wrong with me? :confused:

    Don't worry, it's because it's being rubbed.

    I always need a pee after i've had a thingy:p:

    I think it's so your tubes don't get blocked as when i didnt go to the toilet i got twin shooters which is really funny:p:

    I am not sure why this is happening but you should continue to go to the loo after sex because it helps prevent cystitus.

    Its probably just because of the friction making you sensitive, i used to get it. Try using a lubricant, i found that that really helped. It wont be anything to worry about. If it carries on after youve used lubrication go to the doctors if it is worrying you.

    ive got the same problem n ive tried all the lube! im goin GUM clinic to get it checked
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Updated: June 23, 2006
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