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In light of the reinstatement of bono's account myself and the other moderators have recieved several objections from a group of members who take issue with bono remaining a member. I would like to remind these members that there is no special criteria for membership, it is based solely on a persons willingness to use the board and operate within the rules of the board.

While during his early days on the board under his different allias bono has caused problems (for nobody more so than moderators), he had since curbed his behaviour and I can find nothing within his account records to suggest a reason to warrant a permenent ban. It is not written in the rules of the board that any members whom others dislike should be banned without reason therefore unless someone can suggest a valid reason for a ban, bono's account will remain in tack for the time being. If indeed anyone would like to suggest a reason then please PM me.

I hope that those members (particularly the longer standing members of the board) who threatened to leave in an attempt to blackmail the moderation team will reconsider there decision.
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