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    I keep getting D's in my weekly assessments I want to try bring my grade upto an A, can anyone give me some advice regarding the structure of the essay and ways of learning the material. The topic I'm currently studying is Crime and Deviance

    What have you learnt so far? I've covered Durkheim's, Merton's, Hirschi's + Cohen's (?) approaches to crime. I'm not 100% sure of the latter, but I completely understand the first four.

    With the essays all you need to remember to do is to compare, contrast and evaluate through EACH PARAGRAPH. It's not just a case of evaluating at the very end of the essay, it has to be throughout. If the question is about functionalist perspectives you will need to compare each theory throughout (e.g. How Merton says strain causes anomie, but Durkheim states anomie causes strain) and raise valid weaknesses to your points which you can challenge.

    Follow the "PEEL" structure - Point, Evidence, Examine, Link.

    Linking to other theories is best as well - I haven't covered Marxism or Postmodernism in A2, but I still managed to reference them when speaking about functionalist crime perspectives.

    I have replied to your mail.

    If anyone else is stuck, the PEEL structure is always good!

    Hey, i achieved an A in this unit last summer and id be happy to help.

    The structure i use always works for every unit in sociology. Before i was taught this i was getting Ds. Ive learnt that in sociology its not what you write but how you write it (structure is very important):

    1) Application (e.g One sociologist who agrees with the item is parsons/ one sociologist who agrees with the above statement is...)

    2) Knowledge ( Say what they talk about that relates to the question , eg Parsons said that the family is beneficial for society because...)

    3) Evaluation (who supports/disagrees with them) . this is really imp as it carries most the marks

    4) Application (refer back to the question

    Best of luck. Pm me if u need help with the beliefs unit too
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Updated: October 4, 2013

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