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    After working on my confidence for a while now, and having some big breakthroughs I feel far more confident, and completely different, especially around the opposite sex.

    Now, girls who have known me for only a couple of weeks when we're sitting on a couch will put their legs on me, or snuggle up to me, or have some other part in contact. Even a girl who has a boyfriend. Obviously I love this and want to continue it!

    Is this almost a method of girls assessing how comfortable you are with them? When they first touch you, seeing how you react? In the past i'd have jumped, and moved it away, but if you're confident then you will leave the parts in contact.

    Do most girls do this kind of thing with friends? I've never had the confidence before and wondering whether it is these two girls I know, or confidence allows you to do this almost universally. It just makes sense! Why not increase the enjoyment for both parties by being in contact.

    I don't really count putting my legs on someone as snuggling, I'd do that with a friend I'm comfortable with, yeah.

    By snuggling up, do you mean arms touching, leaning on you slightly, or tucked under your arm or what? :confused: The last is something I'd only do with a boyfriend, but everyone's different.

    Don't have any friends.

    But if I did, no I wouldn't snuggle them! Unless they snuggled me, if they were a boy I'd snuggle them back. If it were a girl, I'd be a bit :dry:
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    People like contact. Animals like contact. Think about when you stroke a dog or cat, it's natural. The only reason it would be 'weird' is because you make it weird by jumping away.

    You can pretty much act or do whatever you like with people if you've got the confidence.

    No... I'm not comfortable with that amount of physical contact unless it's from a boyfriend. Or I'm drunk.
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