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    So I'm currently in my 2nd year at uni doing natural sciences (physics and maths route) and looking to get an ambitious 1st (despite a very poor 2:2 in my 1st year), but realistically a 2:1. Recently I've been thinking about internships and vacation work to prepare myself after I graduate, hopefully in 3 years time (looking to do a masters). I have quite a lot of friends who have already, or are also looking to apply for internships and alike, with set career paths in their mind. However, I have absolutely no idea what I want to do still!

    When I left 6th form college, I felt fairly confident that I wanted to go on and do a PhD and possibly partake an academic career... but now I feel, to be honest, as if I will have had enough of academia by the end of my degree and want to spread my wings away from academics after I graduate. My first thoughts on possible career paths involve going into city jobs, e.g. investment banking, finance, technology. I've had a look around and seen quite a few internship offers but I feel, a bit nervous applying to them (haven't applied yet).

    My nervousness is mainly to do with how I have very little knowledge in any city sector (my parents have only ever owned a small store and have not been educated beyond what would be KS3 in the UK). I feel nervous about applying to an internship which seems appealing to me, being called in for interviews and what not (nervous about these too), and then being given the internship, only to find myself struggling to understand what I am being asked to do, and possibly even not liking the work.

    Am I right to be slightly nervous about this kind of thing? I obviously don't want to continue, say an 8 week internship living the majority of the time wishing I was not there, but at the same time I would feel rude if I was to say that I wish to quit the internship, or just leave without saying a word.

    I have had work experience before, none of which even come close to city careers, and whilst I enjoyed them at times, I didn't really do anything 'out of the ordinary' for a student. If you know what I mean?

    About interviews: I have had a few interviews in my life (applying to 6th form and university) and so I know the basics of what to do (research the company, what they do, why me over another etc) but I am not exactly sure on how MUCH I would be expected to know for an interview. Being a student I am sure they would not, for example, give me data of the stock market and make me tell them everything I can deduce from it, and expect professional and experienced deductions. But would knowing vaguely what the company does (as much info as for example their website provides), what the particular career path (for each different internship) actually involves (for example knowing what an actuarial means and vaguely does) be enough? In regards to 'why me over another', I can understand if I was applying for an actual job, for instance my strengths that I can bring and offer into the company, but how would I answer such questions when in reality, I would not have much to offer the company as my whole reason for applying for internships would be to get as much out of the company and the programme as possible?

    Thanks for reading through this massive wall of text. I hope I have come across clearly with the correct meanings in mind.
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    (Original post by brijmohan3)
    If you are at any half decent university, they are spending several million pounds a year on a careers centre - find it and use it! There will be endless literature to read on site and take away, aptitude tests, interview practice opportunities, careers advice sessions, careers fairs, presentations by employers, intership opportunities etc etc.
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