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Try a new smartphone with a curved screen watch

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    Innovation is the thing of the future, which means we need to constantly be
    innovating. If we want to improve, then we need to come up with new ideas.
    As much as people try and avoid creativity, it is what makes our world go
    round most days. Luckily, there are still quite a few creative people out
    there, especially the ones who invented the curved smartphone screen.

    LG has done it again

    We all know LG is a great company and always offers the best stuff, but did
    you know they plan to release a curved smartphone screen? According to the
    LA Times, the new screen will curve from top to bottom and will be released
    soon. The screens have already been put into mass production. It is
    expected that the first curved-screen smartphone will come from Samsung at
    the beginning of next year, which announced its phone release right before
    the LG announcement.

    How are they made?

    If you want to know how a curved screen is made, it does not involve the
    typical smartphone glass. USA Today explains that these screens are made
    with plastic to allow for flexibility. The reason why this is so important
    is because our society is developing into one where we want more smart
    devices. If you were to wear glasses that had smartphone capabilities, for
    example, you would want to have them work as curved edges for a sleeker
    look. As people want to use smart devices for more things, at work, at
    home, and everywhere in between, it will become essential to be able to
    manipulate the screen. IHS reported that over 800 million devices will
    likely be sold and produced with flexible screens in the next seven years,
    so it is an ever-growing market.

    Samsung seems hopeful

    Samsung, now in direct competition with LG and their flexible screen
    technology, is hoping to use this technology to get ahead of the market.
    The idea for Samsung is to start mass-producing these new phones at the
    beginning of next year, according to the Wall Street Journal. Apparently,
    the concept for flexible smartphone screens has been around for quite some
    time and has even been produced in prototypes. The real tricky issue is
    trying to get it massed produced. LG and Samsung are racing to the finish
    line to be the first with the mass-produced technology. Only prototypes are
    out for both companies right now.

    What is the point?

    The reason for the flexible screens is to keep them from breaking so
    easily, which is one of the main concerns for buyers looking to get a
    smartphone. Glass breaks a lot easier than plastic. On top of that, they
    are flexible and easier to carry. They will form to your pocket instead of
    getting cracked when you sit down; you can easily roll it up to fit better
    in a smaller purse. You will end up with a much more durable and
    easier-to-carry-around smartphone device.

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    Samsung already have theirs on the market.

    Honestly, don't see the point until you're looking at 5760 x 1080 screens that are the same height as a 32" 16:9 display. Then I'll be loving it for some properly nice racing game immersion.

    It might just be my phone, but the layout of the post makes it look like a really crap poem.

    Posted from TSR Mobile

    (Original post by addylad)
    It might just be my phone, but the layout of the post makes it look like a really crap poem.

    Posted from TSR Mobile
    I thought the same. :lol:

    (Original post by marleyrose)
    We all know LG is a great company and always offers the best stuff
    I always thought LG was a little bit crap.
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