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    Hello! I'm 20 and in my third year. I was on a foundation degree course that included graphic design/photography (I'd like my career to be in the photography industry). Basically, we were only told that there was one course that we could apply for to top it up to a full degree (we'd join the 3rd year of that course). After getting all the assignments, looking at the course, none of it really includes photography. - so i'm not interested.

    In the course interview back in April/May, I was told my photography work was "of very high standard" and that I'd struggle with my graphic design work. He asked why I didn't apply for the 3rd year of the BA photography only course.

    All Summer I was trying to get an interview for it but nothing happened - no one ever got back to me. So my old tutor suggested I request a transfer. I've done that and have been given an application form and need to write a cover letter saying why I want a transfer.

    with all this going on, I'm going to be behind. I've not gone in for sessions because I don't want to stay on this totally different course - anything would be a waste of time. If they do transfer me and say take a week to, I'd only have just over a month to get the first draft of my dissertation done when i've not even started it.

    Thing is, I've been having second thoughts. Could I just go into a photography job instead? It's just I'm not feeling like more education. I've done 2 years of Media (extended BTEC) and 2 years of photography already and I just feel like I want to get out there and start everything. I don't want big essays and assignments. I want real live briefs!

    Until I find a job, I'm working at M&S. Everyone says things like "you don't want to stay in retail", but honestly, I quite like it. Everyone who works there is just really nice, friendly, and helpful. The managers show a lot of respect and they'd sort any issues out, and I just enjoy being in the environment because I like talking to different people like customers. I hate being alone. There was a jokey family in today. As some of her family went around the corner, an older lady said to me "We're just buying a few things really. Sorry to disturb you working and asking you. My husband has recently passed away and it's the funeral tomorrow". I just felt really sorry and I reassured her about things and it felt quite nice to sort of be there as well.

    I'm given a lot more respect in work that the University. I had problems getting on the original course - rude people at the end of the phone too. No one ever gets back to you about anything, and you're always the one trying to get things done... they don't ever get back to you or help you!

    What should I do? Try out the 3rd year or stay working until I can find myself something? I've been offered full-time hours. I'm worried if I don't take them, a certain University will take forever to get back to me, they'll then say no to the transfer, and then I won't have anything.


    It sounds like you're quite happy working in retail at the moment. Do you know what your options would be if you took a year out working full time, and then decided you wanted to do a top up year later? Do you have any sort of long term goals?

    You could consider working in retail for a while and trying to do some freelance photography at weekends. This would give you a bit more experience if you wanted to apply for a photography job in the future. If you already have a foundation degree, it's not like you have nothing to show for your hard work over the past couple of years. If you're not keen on the course, then doing it for a whole year might be a real struggle. On the other hand, if you really want a full BA, and you get the chance to transfer to photography, it might be worth it.

    Good luck, whatever you decide.

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